NERDY Insurance


Cracked Screens

Don't worry about getting your screen replaced because its already covered.

Accidental Damage (Drops)

Whose to say you won't accidentally drop or cause harm to your device, we ALL do! Any damages as a result of this would be covered.*


All devices can develop problems over time. If your device starts to act up or show signs of malfunctioning, this too is covered.*

Power Surge By Lightning

Anything can happen when it comes to mother nature, which is why we took into consideration damaged devices resulting from lightning.

Spills & Liquid Submersion

When some liquids come into contact with your device, its almost certain that a significant amount of damage will occur. Get your device covered to avoid stressing over a dead device.

Fire, Flood & Natural Disasters

We all know too well how suddenly things can impact our lives and devices, so why not be prepared and ready to get your device repaired or replaced.*

Get your device insured now at the lowest prices.