FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

NBz Services

How do I get my device fixed?

There are three simple steps. First, go to the "Repair My Device" tab and fill out the form with the required information. Secondly, select the device that you want repaired. Thirdly, enter in the location where we can receive the device and we'll take the rest from there. Normally an agent would contact the customer when repair is done.

Are the prices on the site the total cost?

No! Dealing with many devices, prices for parts can vary straight across the board. Many of the prices does not include these parts.

Where is Nerd Boyz located?

Nerd Boyz is currently a mobile company. By this, we also provide services to those that do not have access to transportation. We can come to you or meet up at one of our meeting spots.

Are there any refunds?

There are no cash refunds, unless otherwise is indicated by a Nerd Boyz agent or on your invoice.

What is the warranty on my device that I brought you'll to fix?

The standard Nerd Boyz warranty is 30 Days. However, on particular parts, the warranty can be extended for up to 90 Days.

I have a very old computer noone can seem to fix. Can you'll fix it?

Our professional and certified team of nerds can fix many devices. Get a free quote to get started and find out exactly what is going on with that old computer and become one step closer to getting it repaired.

Why do you need my personal information?

All information on this site is saved on our secure server database. We ask for information concerning the owner of the product to ensure that we have adequate information to be able to contact you and stay in touch.

I have a complaint. Who do I report it to?

We do apologize if you would have any complaints, but you can call, message or email us and the complaint will automatically be recorded. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers.

Is the icloud unlock legitmate?

Our iCloud Unlocking services do not have a warranty. When a user decides to update the mobile idevice, it clears the method we use to unlock the iphone, therefore the user, if desired, must repurchase the icloud unlock service.

Gamerz Paradize

When will Gamerz Paradize be launching?

There is no specific date yet but we anticipate on having the event in 2020 seeing that alot must be done before an official date is given.

What do I have to join this game competition?

We are currently in the process of getting all the information together that is needed for the event. Subscribe with us and we'll keep you posted.

Who can join?

Anyone of ages 13+ are welcomed to join this fun event. More information about the competition will be posted on our site in the future.

What is Gamerz Paradize?

The general concept behind the "Gamerz Paradize" event is to bring gamers together to battle and have fun. Yes winning tend to be the main goal, but having fun is just as important. As the population of gamerz continuously grow, Nerd Boyz figured it would be a great idea to bring everyone together to see what they're made of. Because this event is still in its planning process, information on it is limited. Subscribe now and get the first updates on this gaming event.

Are there any entrance fees?

There will most likely be entrance fees, however, it would range from $5-$20. There is no set fee as yet for the event.

What will I get out of Gamerz Paradize?

Gamerz Paradize was created to encourage gamers to continue the path of great gaming. Not only will the 1st place winner/team become well know gamers around The Bahamas, but also will receive a "top of the line" prize, as well as, 6 months warranty of any device of their choice under the Nerd Boyz Device Insurance Program.

What games is Gamerz Paradize about?

While we try to cater to all serious gamers, our main categories consist of strategy, action, fps, teamwork and nerdiness.

NBz Blog

I can't read the blog. How can I get it back on?

Try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, we'll double check on our end because many times it tend to refresh itself as we update it.

Can I suggest a topic?

You most certainly can. Just contact us and we'll be happy to write our input on the topic.

Nerd Gadgetz

How do I add an item to my Cart?

Select the item you are interested in and click the button that says "Add to Cart". You can then continue shopping or checkout.

How do I checkout?

Once you added items to your cart, you can select the cart icon at the top right of the screen, Select Checkout. Complete the required information and Place Order.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order you must contact us and let us know that you want to cancel your order.

How do I apply discount codes?

To apply "Savings" Codes, select "Enter Promo Code" in the Checkout window.

How do I track an order?

Updates on your order will automatically be sent to you periodically.

How long before I get my order?

It normally takes 1-5 days in total to get your order unless otherwise stated. Options will always be there to let you know how long the order will take. However, the delivery time will be based upon the shipping rate you select. Standard Delivery: 2-3 Business Days - Free Fast Delivery: Same Day - $10 (FREE on orders over $65 We also do special orders which can take longer, however, we would always let you know the estimate delivery date and time.

Can I order on a weekend?

If ordered on Saturday, you can get it the same day, however, we are closed on Sundays.

Where can i find a promo code?

Promo Codes are generated periodically and there is always a sale on. When you visit our site, the promo code would normally be on a pop-up page.

How does offline payment work?

When checking out, payments can be made 3 ways. Through Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards or Offline. Offline Payment is when payment is made at the delivery of the item. All drivers do not carry more than $20 change on them so the funds for the item(s) must be as close as possible to the cost.