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Please note: All service charges are final unless otherwise indicated.

All devices will go through a quick physical diagnosis to ensure that the owner is aware of its condition when given to a nerd. 

Cell Phone Diagnosis

iOS, Android, Windows & Linux


Virus Scan (Android)

Includes App


Screen Replacement

Starting Price...


Battery replacement

Integrated Battery Design (iPhones)


Battery Replacement

Integrated Battery Design (Android, Windows, Linux) *Battery Included*


Battery Replacement

Removable Back Casing (Battery Included)


Parts Change

Price of Part will be given upon request (prices include installation)


Root Phone

(Android) Gives the user unlimited administrative access to special features on the phone


Unlock Phone (Samsung, Blu, Sony, Nokia, etc.)

Android, Windows, Linux


Unlock Phone (iPhones)

Apple, iOS


iCloud Unlock

Can take up to 7 days


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