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The definition of Nerd Boyz

During the era of when technology began to become popular, it was always presumed that there was no need to upgrade. Well, society today is technology driven. Software and hardware are upgraded and improved daily. We must admit, we don't know EVERYTHING! However, we can help invent and innovate things that we never knew was possible. Flying cars, hybrids, laser keyboards, flexible logic boards, 5k Resolution, yes I said 5k, and the list goes on. Remember, at one point in time these things did not exist. But through the knowledge and innovation of nerds and their genius' curiosity, we are able to do more than just read and gain geek tendencies.

There's a NERD in all of us!

Recently, in The Bahamas, it can be said that we are slowly growing in technology, leaning more towards smart devices as mandatory. However, what many don't speak about is "what happens to your device if its broken?" This question troubles many as there are companies who cannot simply keep up with technology. This would lead up to the topic of prices. Astonishing enough, some companies are just simply expansive. Have you even needed a diagnosis of your computer done? Some places would charge you up to $100 just to tell you what's wrong with your computer. Therefore Nerd Boyz was created to provide repair services at the most affordable prices, still allowing Nerd Boyz to grow as a company. Be Smart and Spend Smart.

We, nerds, think that everyone should embrace their inner gift, whether it be repairing a device, experimenting with the environment, creating videos, or even graphic design. We wouldn't judge you if you know how to repair a device and just want to purchase the part from us, we actually encourage innovation!

So on that note, we are here for you!

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